RELEASE: Lt. Governor Darr Official Statement on Healthcare Ruling

Lieutenant Governor Mark A. Darr Statement on Healthcare Ruling

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

LITTLE ROCK - Today Lt. Governor Mark Darr released the following statement after studying the Supreme Court ruling on the Constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act:

"As a candidate, I promised to join a lawsuit challenging Obamacare. Today I make a new promise that, despite the fact we didn't get the result we wanted from the Supreme Court, I will continue to stand with 70% of Arkansans and fight this over-reaching act.

This ruling tells us the Federal government cannot punish states if they choose not to participate in this Medicaid expansion program. This decision underscores the fact that when Arkansas' political establishment said we had to grow government, they were wrong. What conservative legislators have been saying was right: we unnecessarily wasted millions of dollars starting healthcare exchanges in Arkansas when we didn't have to.

Today I call on every elected official who serves in this Capitol to publically take a stand. Will you side with President Obama and continue to burden Arkansans, or will you join me in bringing real healthcare reform to our state. To the people of Arkansas, I say this, I heard your concerns and I stood with you. Today, I continue standing with you. Together, we will win the battle."