Resources - State of Arkansas Official Website
This gives you access to the web pages of state agencies, commissions, and elected officials as well as government services available online.

Arkansas General Assembly
Click above to access current information about legislation as well as information about current State Senators and Representatives.

Arkansas House of Representatives
Use this site if you need to get in contact with your State Representative.

Arkansas Senate  
Use this site if you need to get in contact with your State Senator.

The Governor of Arkansas serves at the head of the executive branch of Arkansas's government.

Arkansas Attorney General
The Attorney General is Arkansas’s chief law enforcement officer and chief consumer advocate.

Arkansas Secretary of State
Divisions of the Secretary of State’s Office include:  Building and Grounds, Business and Commercial Services, Capitol Facilities, Communications and Education, Elections, and State Capitol Police.

Arkansas Auditor of State
The Arkansas Auditor of State is the general accountant for the State of Arkansas.

Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands
The Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands' primary responsibility is the collection of delinquent taxes on real estate.

Arkansas State Treasurer
The Office of the Treasurer of State serves as a bank for the State of Arkansas.

National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA)
NLGA organized in 1962 and is the professional association for the elected officials who are next in line of succession to the governors in the 50 states and five territorial jurisdictions. Click above for more information about lieutenant governors in other states.